Chicago's red "X": Meaning, myths and limitations
Large metal "Red X" signs, placed on some of Chicago’s most dangerous vacant buildings, are meant to save lives — but is everyone getting the message?
Photo: I talk to Earl Liggins in front of his Englewood home. There are more than 50 Red X buildings within a half-mile of his house, which he fixed up a few years ago. (Courtesy Shawn Allee).
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+Chicago Public Media, June 2014.

Book review: 'A Window on Eternity' by Edward O. Wilson
The limestone gorges and lush rainforests in Mozambique's Gorongosa National Park helped rear the earliest humans, and it was humanity that almost destroyed the park during the country's post-colonial civil war. Now, with the help of international conservationists, local people have established a unique sanctuary for the region's biodiversity.
Image courtesy Jean-Paul Vermeulen / Simon & Schuster.
+Chicago Tribune, May 2014.

Chicago's 'fountain of youth' at Schiller Woods?
What’s the allure of the water drawn from a forest preserve's humble, well-worn pump? Is the water tasty? Sure. Medicinal? Hmm ...
Video still courtesy Logan Jaffe.
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+Chicago Public Media, May 2014.

Album/concert review: Locus by Chicago Underground Duo
Like the soundscape of a Chicago Underground Duo show, the group's new album Locus is an alien world that feels oddly familiar. Even through the album's waves of layered electronica and noise, which here include sampled Game Boy clicks, you’re hearing the ghost in the machine. Image: © Mau Zorzi / Courtesy Northern Spy.
+Chicagoist, April 2014.